How to reset Aztech DSL1015EN-L Router

Here you will find how to reset the Aztech DSL1015EN-L router.

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  2. Login to Aztech DSL1015EN-L Router
  3. Manual for Aztech DSL1015EN-L Router
  4. Aztech DSL1015EN-L Factory Settings

When is resetting of the Aztech DSL1015EN-L router needed?

  • 1. When you can not access the router by IP address or your username and password do not match.
  • 2. When you want to remove all previously configured settings.
  • 3. When the router does not work as you expect.

Reset the Aztech DSL1015EN-L router

The reset button is located on the back of the router. Use a sharp tool eg. paperclip or a pen to press the button. Press and hold the button for 20 seconds, the router will restart and reset to the factory settings.

Note! After Aztech DSL1015EN-L has been reset, all settings that apply to the connection and the network must be reconfigured. After resetting, the router will restart. On initial start-up, the factory settings are recharged and the computer loses connection to the router for about 30 seconds. You can then login the setup interface of the Aztech DSL1015EN-L router and reconfigure the network.

Resetting the Aztech DSL1015EN-L router problems

If resetting the router has failed, you probably did not hold the reset button for long enough, try again.

Security of Aztech DSL1015EN-L after reset

Change the Aztech DSL1015EN-L Default Password

After resetting the Aztech DSL1015EN-L router, the device receives a predefined password from the manufacturer known to everyone and written on the device’s box. Hackers know this and always try to access your network with these predefined passwords. All Security Professionals recommend you to change the default password immediately after resetting the Aztech DSL1015EN-L router.

Change Aztech DSL1015EN-L Default IP Address

After resetting the Aztech DSL1015EN-L, the router receives the first possible address (, change it to or something similar that you can easily remember, if possible. You can change the IP addresses that are used to a group reserved for private networks. This will protect your Aztech DSL1015EN-L router from malicious actions (cross-site request forgery CSRF) that most often attack through the user's browser and try to get to the router by using IP addresse set as default.

Change Aztech DSL1015EN-L SSID (Wifi name)

After resetting Aztech, the router receives the SSID (Wifi name) by default. These predefined names from the manufacturer are known and limited in number, enabling scanning for them to be quickly and easily detect the network and its parameters when match. You must change the network name immediately after resetting the device, also the regular replacement makes it difficult to identify the network and protects from a subsequent attack.