What is a Router

The router is a independent device that is used as a central point of contact between any device in your network and an internet connection supplied by your internet provider. All modern routers include Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a number of LAN ports - usually up to 4.

The router connects to the Internet using a WAN (Wide Area Network) port and a network cable supplied by your internet provider.

Wi-Fi / Wireless LAN

The wireless network works by radio waves and does not require any wires. Although this sounds great, wireless networks often suffer from a limited range due to structural elements of the building and interference from other devices.

Ethernet / LAN

LAN or Ethernet network refers to physical cables which are plugged in your router via one of the LAN ports. The LAN cable can deliver a speed of 1000 Mbps, although some older computers are limited to 100 Mbps. In addition, LAN cables can transmit up to 100 meters without decrease of performance.